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Alex is the 3rd oldest of four children and calls the great city of Taylor his home. Growing up, Alex's parents instilled the values he promotes today: the importance of hard work, honesty, and commitment to community.

Alex was first elected to the Taylor City Council in November 2013, becoming the youngest and first minority elected official in Taylor’s history. Alex was re-elected to the City Council in 2017. As the highest vote-getter, Alex also serves as the City Council Chairman. Before being elected to City Council, he worked for former State Representative Rashida Tlaib as a Legislative Aide. He assisted in the everyday operations of her Detroit Service Center, which is where he found his passion for public service.


Following Alex's experience in state government, he worked as the Campaign Coordinator for Rep. Tlaib’s re-election campaign, helping her reach a victory of over 93% of the vote in the general election. Alex then went on to serve as a Legislative Assistant to the Detroit City Council. Working for City Council, he worked directly with residents to solve everyday problems they needed resolved. Following his experience with municipal government, Alex worked as an Field Representative for U.S. Congressman Gary Peter's re-election campaign, then he returned to serve as a Director for State Representative Rashida Tlaib's Campaign.

Alex is also an elected Precinct Delegate for Taylor’s 7th Precinct and has been a member of Taylor’s Downtown Development Board for 6 years. On the DDA, Alex fights for public improvements that have the greatest impact in strengthening the downtown Taylor area and attracting new private investments. 


Alex attended the University of Michigan - Dearborn and Baker College, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Associate’s degree in Business Management, respectively.

Alex currently serves as Director of Constituent Relations for State Representative Stephanie Chang in the Michigan Legislature.



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Alex Garza for State Representative

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Taylor, MI 48180

(313) 443-6106


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