Repeal Right to Work 

On my first day in the legislature, I co-sponsored a bill to repeal Governor Snyder's anti-working family Right to Work law. The damaging effects of this law has been dealt to families across our great state. While there is still much work to be done in order to see this law repealed, I will continue to stand up for the working class and ensure we strive to repeal unjust laws that give our workers a disadvantage in our workforce. 

Lower Auto Insurance Rates

In my first year in office, I supported sweeping auto insurance reform in the legislature to bring insurance rate relief to all Michiganders. As part of this reform, Michigan drivers will realize a savings in their catastrophic claim fee starting in 2020. While this was a start, I will not lose focus on continuing my work on lowering auto insurance rates for motorists across Michigan. There is no excuse as to why Michiganders pay the highest auto insurance rates in the country. Lansing must continue to do better in order to continue lowering rates for the people of this state. In the 2019 bill passed, we re-focused rates on some key driving factors. I will continue my support for legislation to make it illegal for insurance companies to use any non-driving factors to determine our insurance rates in Michigan. 

Infrastructure and Roads

Our infrastructure and roads continue to be in disrepair. The majority in the Michigan House and Senate have failed Michiganders by not adequately investing in our infrastructure. While the legislature failed to provide adequate funding for our infrastructure in 2019, I continue to believe Michigan roads should be safe for all residents and visitors. As your State Representative, local road funding is a top priority as we look to the next fiscal year.

Local Control

When I served on the Taylor City Council, I watched as the Michigan legislature attempted to strip power away from local governments. The majority in the legislature has used preemption legislation to keep local communities from fully running their own cities, townships, and villages. This is unacceptable and needs to end. In my first term as State Representative, I am proud to have opposed every legislative attempt to preempt our local governments. Localities need to be trusted to run their own communities and pass ordinances the way they see fit. After all, local elected officials are in place to lead their communities without the interference of state legislators. As your State Representative, I will continue to oppose any attempt to take control out of the hands of our local leaders.


In my first year as State Representative, I am proud to have voted for an education budget that restored much needed dollars to our classrooms. While this was a great start, we are still drastically under-funding our schools in Michigan. Over the last decade, our state divested from our public schools and have even made it easier for for-profit charter schools to access dollars that should be going to our public school districts. As your State Representative, I will continue my fight to restore and increase education funding for our schools. Our kids and our teachers deserve the best environment to learn and teach in. An investment in our kids is an investment in Michigan’s future; we must do better to support our schools.


Our seniors are the foundation of Michigan; we must invest more in our seniors and the programs that are best for them. During my first days as State Representative, I co-sponsored legislation to repeal the senior pension tax in order to put hard-earned money back into the pockets of our seniors. While the legislative majority is fighting this repeal, I will continue my fight to ensure seniors in Michigan can retire with financial security and dignity. The attack on  our seniors and their hard earned benefits must be put to an end.

Health Care and Prescription Drug Costs

As State Representative, I am proud to be a strong supporter of the federal health care exchange provided by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Michigan. The Affordable Care Act is constantly under attack, and it is critical to continue to have an advocate for expanding access to health care coverage for all. I am a proud co-sponsor of legislation that would make federal Affordable Care Act protections state law. This would protect Michiganders, no matter how dysfunctional Washington can be. I am also a co-sponsor of legislation that would cap prescription drug costs in Michigan. We must continue to fight against high drug costs and limit the strain it puts on our citizens. Everyone should have access to affordable health care in our state.


I fully support those who defended our nation both domestically and abroad. I deeply appreciate their service and sacrifice to our country. We must take care of our veterans, not leave them fending for themselves. In my first month as State Representative, I was proud to introduce legislation that would expand Veteran property tax credits to cover more of those who have sacrificed for us. Our veterans deserve quality health care, good paying jobs and I will continue to work to make it easier for veterans to transition back to civilian life in Michigan.

 MORE coming soon